At Cheshire Vehicle Services we don't believe in exaggerating the condition of your car to force you into panic buying unless of course, the repairs are unavoidable and potentially affecting the safety and reliability of your vehicle prior to your next service. If on the other hand, you wish to spread the cost and want to visit us between service's we can accommodate that too, provided the repairs can be delayed without compromising the safety and reliability of your Volvo car.



In addition to any regular scheduled maintenance your car may require we have extensive experience in repairing faults with Volvo cars. In our fully equipped workshop we are able to quickly identify and resolve any problems you may have with your vehicle by drawing on our extensive previous experience and using genuine Volvo diagnostic equipment and tools.


We are familiar with the common faults across the Volvo range and are able to use this knowledge to provide you with an efficient and effective service to get your car back on the road with a minimum of fuss and uncertainty..​

  • Car Servicing

We offer a full range of services to help maintain and repair your vehicle, to keep it in the best of condition...


  • Services include Servicing - All makes and model


  • MOT Test and preparation work


  • Diagnostic work


  • BrakesTyres


  • Exhausts

      Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning systems should be serviced every two years to keep the system in efficient working order. Research has shown that the system permeates 20 - 30% of refrigerant from the system over a 2 year period, irrespective of its use. Leaving the system unattended over long periods may lead to failure​.


The most common problem customers report about there air conditioning systems is 'Its just not getting cold' or 'its not as cold as it was last year'.


The system is dependent on the amount or weight of gas, not enough gas or even too much gas will mean the system is not working at full efficiency.


The gas leaks out slowly over time this is best compared to a balloon, over a long period of time the gas will slowly leak out and hence lose efficiency. To rectify this fault the A/C system needs servicing which is also called Air-conditioning Re-gas or A/C Recharge.