Choosing Cheshire Vehicle Services is the best decision you could make today. We offer a comprehensive range of vehicle repairs. Whatever your car repair needs, we will endeavour to get you back on the road again as quickly and as stress free as possible, ensuring the best reliability, the best performance and fuel efficiency for your vehicle.



Regularly servicing your Volvo car is the best way to ensure trouble-free motoring. All routine servicing is completed in line with Volvo warranty requirements using original Volvo parts where applicable. We use the latest Volvo Vida service computers. This provides us dealer level facilities for servicing and diagnosing the full range of Volvo cars.



Although electrical problems can be difficult to diagnose, many of the challenges can be eliminated by carefully following a well laid out approach. Considering the large number of systems that use electricity in order to operate, being able to quickly diagnose electrical problems can be a real asset.Here at Cheshire Vehicle Services we are both trained and qualified to diagnose and repair any electrical system.



When there is an issue with your engine due to a misfire, rough running, a lack of power, noise, a leak, warning light or a multitude of other concerns, Cheshire Vehicle Services waste no time in diagnosing the issue you are experiencing, this is done efficiently and effectivley.We have the experience to assist when something is affectig the way your vehicle engine is running.



You cannot properly service a clutch until you know what is wrong with it. In many instances, a clutch problem that seems to be severe may be minor and easily remedied. In other cases, the solution may involve replacing the clutch assembly or some other major component. We pride ourselves on using quality parts and providing the best customer service, whether you are in urgent need of repair or would just like advice on early symptoms you may be experiencing.



Everyone knows brakes are an important safety item to ensure you can slow and stop your vehicle when needed. However as with all wear and tear items, deterioration in performance is gradual if you drive every day you may find it difficult to tell the difference. If you are concerned about your brakes, we recommend you have them checked. We can provide a free, no obligation brake check. Common signs of brake problems include: Hearing a grinding noise when braking, brakes feel soft when brake pedal depressed, brakes judder when brake pedal depressed, vehicle starts to pull to the left or to the right when braking or brake warning light is illuminated.